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Research on English Teaching Mode of Applied Undergraduate Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.020


Minghui Jin

Corresponding Author

Minghui Jin


Starting from the connotation of big data, this paper analyzes the impact on English Teaching under the background of big data, and on this basis, discusses the path of College English teaching reform in application-oriented universities. With the popularization of modern educational technology, the quality of teaching is also improving. The reform of College English teaching urges College English teachers to constantly reform the teaching mode, and it is also an important problem for application-oriented colleges to cultivate comprehensive talents with strong English communicative ability. The development of network technology provides a good platform for the application of flip classroom teaching mode. As a modern teaching mode, the application of flip classroom teaching mode in college English teaching can promote the current college English teaching reform, improve the quality of English teaching and promote the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability. Improve the overall teaching level of science. In recent years, China has continuously deepened its teaching reforms, continuously exploring and practicing in the areas of curriculum settings, teaching models, and teaching evaluation, and achieved initial results.


Application oriented universities, College english, Teaching mode