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The Application of Modern Educational Technology in the Art Teaching of Middle School At Present

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.019


Xinpeng Gong

Corresponding Author

Xinpeng Gong


With the deepening of the new round of basic education reform in our country, more and more problems are exposed in the traditional middle school art teaching, such as the teacher teaching efficiency is not high, not fully mobilize the students' learning enthusiasm, lack of creativity, subjectivity has not been given full play and other problems. At present, middle school art classroom centered on modern educational technology is in the ascendant. The rich teaching resources in modern educational technology, the convenience of creating classroom situation, novel teaching technology, nonlinear characteristics and other advantages provide a way to solve the problems in traditional art classroom. In this paper, combined with the current high school art teaching actual situation, for how to use modern educational technology to optimize the teaching of relevant suggestions, with a view to the current high school art teachers some inspiration.


Modern education technology middle school art teaching