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Assessment and Evaluation Reform in Experimental Psychology Course from the Perspective of Integration of Labour Education and Practical Education: Implementation and Its Effect

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.018


Jilin Zou, Chengyan Yang

Corresponding Author

Chengyan Yang


Policies related to labor education and the reform of educational evaluation in the new era have been intensively released recently, which providing a policy basis for the teaching reform of learning evaluation for professional courses in colleges and universities. Under the background of these policies, this research investigated the implementation and effect of the reform of integrating labor education into practical education in the core compulsory course called Experimental Psychology at Linyi University. The reform focused on process evaluation of the teaching of experiments in the course, based on the reform ideas of “one integration, one change, and three trainings”. The findings showed that the reform was of great significance for cultivating and improving undergraduates’ innovative spirit and practical ability, which not only enable undergraduates to acquire rich content knowledge of software programming of psychological experiments, but also acquire the basic ability and skill to be competent in software programming.


Reform, Assessment and evaluation, Labour education, Practical education, Experimental psychology