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Research on Teaching Mode of “Ideological & Political Theory Teaching in Computer Courses” in Chinese Local Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.016


Yangqing Zhu

Corresponding Author

Yangqing Zhu


In the era of intelligence, computer professionals are particularly important to the national information construction and information security. Universities should not only cultivate the professional knowledge and ability of college students, but also guide the value, that is, to carry out ideological and political courses. Based on the analysis of the problems existing in the ideological and political education of computer courses in Chinese local colleges and universities, analysed the connotation of the ideological and political courses of computer courses, and puts forward the principles of curriculum resources construction for the effective integration of professional courses and ideological political elements, the thought path for the construction of Ideological and political teachers of computer courses, efficient teaching methods and the reform plan of learning evaluation of the combination of process assessment and final assessment, the combination of knowledge assessment and ability assessment, and the combination of professional assessment and ideological and political assessment. It provided a reference path for ideological and political courses of computer science.


Ideological & political theory teaching in all courses, Teaching mode, Computer specialties courses, Intelligent era