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Research on the Talent Training Mode of Business English Major Based on Talent Demand Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.005


Xiangheng Luo, Juanjuan Wu

Corresponding Author

Juanjuan Wu


When China's market is deeply integrated into the international economy and society, the demand for business English talents in the domestic talent market is increasing due to the landing of a large number of foreign-funded companies. According to the requirements of training business English majors, this paper puts forward relevant teaching suggestions. Since China joined the World Trade Organization, the development of foreign economic and trade and cultural and political exchanges have been greatly improved. Therefore, China needs a large number of English-speaking talents to serve the modern economic system reform. For the business English major, it has a strong interdisciplinary role and belongs to an emerging major, and the talent training methods for this major are also constantly progressing and developing. To effectively improve the overall level of business English teaching, we need to scientifically grasp the specific teaching direction and objectives, reasonably select Business English teaching materials, pay attention to the cultivation of students' language ability, and strengthen the construction of teaching team.


Talent demand, Business english, Professional training