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Research on Art Education in Rural Primary Schools under the Concept of SPOC

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.023


Shaohua Nie

Corresponding Author

Shaohua Nie


The shortage of teachers is the key problem which restricts the development of art education in rural primary schools. SPOC is a typical curriculum paradigm in the "post MOOC era". Its basic idea is to design and utilize excellent MOOC resources, in order to change or reorganize school teaching process, to promote blending teaching and participatory learning, and to improve the quality of learning and teaching. Under the guidance of SPOC concept, SPOC teaching team is set up to design and develop teaching resources like micro videos. In class, teachers use micro videos to teach relevant contents; cooperative inquiry is realized between students and teachers. After class, personalized learning and communication between students are realized through SPOC platform. Through this model, part-time teachers are able to teach art lessons professionally. It makes up the shortcoming of insufficient art teachers in rural primary schools, and solves students' problem of lacking professional guidance after class. It expands the span of space and time for rural students, and improves the teaching quality of art curriculum in rural primary schools.


SPOC concept, rural primary school, art education.