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Research on the Inheritance of Ethnic Music Culture and the Reform and Innovation of Music Education in Higher Education Institutions

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DOI: 10.25236/acetl.2021.001


Yunyei Lan

Corresponding Author

Yunyei Lan


As an important component of the inheritance of China's spiritual civilization, folk music culture has been playing a relatively important role in the transmission of China's traditional culture. It plays a role of inheriting the history of China's spiritual civilization and recording the positive development process.Nowadays, ethnic music culture has become an important development direction of modern education research and reform. The implementation of ethnic culture in the quality training link of music education in colleges and universities is conducive to the spread of excellent content of ethnic music culture.At the same time, excellent cultural inheritance content is conducive to promoting the development of modern economy and social progress.Nowadays pop music seems to have already become the mainstream of communication among college students, most of whom have little knowledge of traditional folk music, which is not conducive to the inheritance of national culture.Therefore, from the perspective of the inheritance of traditional ethnic music culture, this paper will conduct in-depth research on the reform of college music education, hoping to break the existing pattern of college students' music preferences and propose reasonable solutions for exploring the dissemination of ethnic culture music and innovative education in colleges and universities.


Folk music, cultural inheritance, High school music education, Education reform