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Research on manipulator positioning control system based on RFID Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2021.049


Hua Xu, Yongfei Liu, Zhiqiang Qin

Corresponding Author

Hua Xu


RFID technology is an automatic identification technology that has been rising in recent years. Unlike traditional bar codes and contact IC cards, RFID technology uses wireless radio frequency to conduct non-contact two-way data communication for the purpose of identifying and exchanging data. RFID has the advantages of no manual intervention and less damage to complete the identification work, and is suitable for the automation of the system. A Petri net model of four-degree-of-freedom manipulator control based on RFID single-piece production experiment system is established by applying RFID technology, and its control method is given, so that it can complete the actions of picking and transporting parts, thus realizing the scheduling of various processing tasks. Finally, the application of PLC software in manipulator servo system is explored, which provides reference for the design of PLC manipulator precise positioning and control system.


RFID technology, Manipulator, Positioning control system