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Greedy Algorithm-Based Solution to Ship Loading in Knapsack Problem

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2021.046


Jia Hu

Corresponding Author

Jia Hu


The research purpose of this text is to solve and optimize the freight transport and dispatch in the course of transporting, the method is to solve the partial most optimized loading and placing through the computer. The result is to realize the partial most optimized through the greedy algorithm in the knapsack problem. Innovative point is solving in the domain of definition by limiting method in the loading procession. The work of this paper also includes improving solution that is the single-source shortest path in the network. This paper mainly discusses the knapsack problem in the computer solution of the loading problem, using the greedy algorithm, from the weight of the loaded items, value and urgency of three aspects to consider, and gives the algorithm. Finally, the shortest path solution of complex path is added in the prospect.


Knapsack problem, Greedy algorithm, ship loading