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Application and research progress of environmental mineral materials in soil improvement and soil remediation

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2021.043


Longsheng Yu, Ping Chen, Hui Zhang, Min Wang, Sheng Zhou

Corresponding Author

Longsheng Yu


Soil remediation is an important support and material guarantee for the completion of the objectives and tasks of soil pollution control in China. The development status and level of the industry directly determine the completion level of the objectives and tasks. Environmental mineral materials have been widely used in organic, heavy metal and virus contaminated soils. In this paper, the application of environmental mineral materials in the soil remediation of heavy metals, organic pollutants and virus-contaminated soil was put forward. Natural porous minerals show obvious particularity and superiority in many aspects such as pore structure, adsorption characteristics, ion exchange characteristics, catalytic characteristics, slightly soluble effect, etc., which can effectively improve soil microenvironment and repair polluted soil. The resource characteristics and environmental attributes of natural porous minerals are very suitable for the application conditions of soil environment improvement and restoration in my country, and have important research and economic significance.


Environmental mineral materials, Soil improvement, Soil remediation, Heavy metal pollution