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Research on Communication Design of Electronic Control System of New Energy Vehicle Based on Cloud Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2021.040


Yanjie Zhao, Jiang Ye

Corresponding Author

Yanjie Zhao


In order to ensure the safety of new energy vehicles, wireless communication and network facilities should be added to the old electronic control system of new energy vehicles based on cloud platform, so that vehicles can be controlled at any time, and vehicle faults can be analyzed and calibrated remotely, thus improving driving safety. Based on the cloud platform, this paper briefly introduces the SAEJ1939 communication protocol standard, and implements the SAEJ1939 communication protocol in the form of protocol stack. The protocol stack includes hardware abstraction layer, data link layer, transport layer, network management layer, application layer and diagnosis. Among them, the hardware abstraction layer directly calls the CAN module driver of the hardware system, which facilitates the transplantation of SAEJ939 communication protocol stack in different hardware systems. In this way, we can fully understand the actual situation of the vehicle.


Cloud platform, Can communication, New energy vehicles, Electric control system, Communication design