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Research and Ideas on the Development of Piano Sight-Reading Training Software Based on Lilypond Software and Python Language Application

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2021.038


Xiaoxin Yu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxin Yu


Piano sight-reading training requires first to study the cognitive mental process of the brain; secondly, to reveal the current problems of many people with low piano sight-reading ability, especially the problems that do not require training from the cognitive mental process; third, the current pure The paper-based, solidified piano sight-reading training content is not suitable for solving this problem; fourth, from the wide application of computer technology in all walks of life, try to use Lilypond software and Python language application (hereinafter referred to as L•P). Change the purely paper-based, solidified training content, and stimulate and improve the psychological process of piano sight reading through the man-machine interface.


Piano sight reading, Cognitive psychology, Lilypond, Python language