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Job Selection Model Based on Svm and Bpneural Network

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2021.029


Sitong Jiang, Jingwen Ding, Yuxi Liu, Qingyi Hu

Corresponding Author

Sitong Jiang


There are various kinds of summer jobs for high school students, which makes them get into confused because they don’t know how to choose the best job for themselves. Different students have a different preference about the job. For example, some students prefer a high salary because in this case, they can save a huge number of money and then purchase some goods they want; while others prefer doing a meaningful summer job like the volunteer because they can get a unforgettable experience and help the people needed. So, there is an urgent demand to scientifically and comprehensively establish a summer job selection model to help these high school students find the best summer job. In this paper, our group designed a series of mathematical model to help high school students to find the best summer job.


Random forest, Questionnaire, Svm, Bp, Summer job selection model