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Design and Development of Automatic Drilling Machine for Cable Reel

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2021.025


Hong Weiwei, Ke Liang, Zhou Junshuo

Corresponding Author

Hong Weiwei


With the rapid development of science, technology and economy, companies have put forward higher requirements for the performance and quality of cable reels. A central hole must be opened in the middle of the wooden disk in the cable reel, and a plurality of small holes distributed in a circular array on the center line of the central hole must be opened on the wooden disk. The current drilling holes are manually rotated, and the processing is precise and difficult to control, and processing efficiency is low. This paper designs an automatic cable reel drilling machine. According to the object to be processed, the overall layout of the equipment is determined, and the feeding system, drilling system, rotating system and unloading system are designed in detail, and the three-dimensional modeling of the equipment is completed. . At the same time, a static analysis of the key parts of the machine was carried out using finite element software. The equipment can improve processing efficiency, improve the quality of processed products, reduce the labor intensity of enterprise workers, and has good social value and economic benefits.


Cable reel, Automatic hole drilling machine, Mechanical design