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Analysis of the Reasons for No Nobel Prize Winners in Literature in China before Mo Yan

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.020


Xuemei Li, Yinghong Zuo

Corresponding Author

Xuemei Li


China has 5,000 years of civilization and fruitful derivative literature. However, at the annual Nobel Prize in Literature Award, China always missed it until Mo Yan's work "Red Sorghum" broke the situation. There is no doubt about the deepness of Mo Yan's works is excellent. Before Mo Yan, is there anyone in the Chinese literary world who could stand shoulder to shoulder with him? Definitely no. Meanwhile, what is the reason why China did not get Nobel Prize in Literature before Mo Yan? A brief analysis on it is conducted in this paper. Although there has been only one Chinese writer, Mo Yan, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, it does not mean that China does not have outstanding works. With the improvement of China's national strength, literature will be increasingly highly valued within our nation. Therefore, the acquisition of the Nobel Prize in Literature by Chinese writers will be just around the corner.


Nobel Prize in Literature, language, rules, culture.