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On the Innovative Practice of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology in Precision Mold Design and Manufacture

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2021.019


Hubin Wen

Corresponding Author

Hubin Wen


Precision mold design plays a very significant role in industry and design of molding. Compact speed mode has strict design principles and requirements in the design and processing, which can reduce the production cost, improve the enterprise efficiency, and provide a good quality guarantee for the plastic parts. Owing to the continuous progress of science and technology, intelligent manufacturing technology has been applied to the design and manufacture of precision mold. The traditional design technology and method of precision mold have been improved and innovated to meet the progress needs of the current industrial manufacturing industry and the innovation needs of precision mold technology. Therefore, from the perspective of the practical application of precision mold, this paper analyzes the application advantages of intelligent technology and the innovation of intelligent manufacturing technology in the design and manufacture of precision mold, and expounds the prospect of precision mold.


Intelligent manufacturing technology, Precision mold design, Design and manufacture