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Research on Mobile Phishing Detection Association Technology Based on Multi-Source Heterogeneous Security Data Fusion

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2021.017


Huanxiao Xu, Juan QI, Lanmei Qian, Fang WU, Jingxiong Yan

Corresponding Author

Huanxiao Xu


With the increasing scale of network and the diversification and intelligence of network intrusion means, a defense-in-depth system based on a series of security devices such as network intrusion detection, network firewall, anti-virus system and terminal monitoring system has been established, which has exposed some problems and research trends. The extended D-S evidential reasoning method is used to realize the fusion of heterogeneous dynamic security information. According to the different characteristics of heterogeneous security information, a mobile phishing detection association technology based on multi-source heterogeneous security data fusion is proposed. The method can effectively aggregate and correlate the detection results of various security devices, and finally accurately restore the attack scene. Comprehensive use of client and server detection methods, using the flexibility of client detection and the accuracy of server detection, the hybrid wireless LAN phishing AP detection technology is realized, which further improves the detection effect compared with a single detection method.


Multi-source isomerism, Data fusion, Mobile network, Fishing detection