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Replacing the Accumulator in p53a, 53B and 53c with Metal Bellows Accumulator

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DOI: 10.25236/mmmce.2021.005


Yu Xing, Tianyi Xing

Corresponding Author

Yu Xing


Replacing the pressure accumulator in API 682 Standard Sealed Flush Option 53B with a metal bellows type pressure accumulator, the improved system retains all the advantages and overcomes the drawbacks, especially the extended operating temperature range from -20-100°C to -200-500°C. The system has been designed to meet the requirements of the standard sealed flush option. That is to say, the metal bellows accumulator integrates its advantages, so after using it, the safety, stability and reliability of the system are improved. With it, it can adapt to deeper chemical processes and more demanding high-parameter chemicals. Technology, reduce chemical residues, and strive to build an ecologically civilized society.


Metal bellows accumulator, extended range of operating temperatures, reduced chemical residues, improved interchangeability, simplified standard configuration