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The Influences of New Media on the Young Students and Its Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.018


Meng Shao

Corresponding Author

Meng Shao


New media, which relies on digital, communication and Internet technology to provide information services to the public, plays an increasingly important role in enhancing the efficiency of information acquisition and exchange. However, for young students, on the one hand, they accept the positive impact of the arrival of new media; on the other hand, their learning style, the way of thinking and value orientation has also been impacted unprecedentedly. In this paper, the characteristics of new media are expounded first, and then the influence of the new media on the young students is discussed from both sides. Finally, the corresponding countermeasures are given from various aspects. By this, hope to avoid the negative impact of new media and guide the healthy growth of young students.


New Media, Young Students, Positive Impact, Negative Impact, Countermeasures.