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Review of Orff Schulwerk: Definition, Constructs, and Significance

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.030


Yuan-Yang YUE

Corresponding Author

Yuan-Yang YUE


Orff Schulwerk was proposed by carl orff (1895-1982) as a music teaching method tailored for children, teenagers and adults. The main idea of Orff's method is that every child should have the right to feel the beauty of music, whether he has excellent musical talent or not. Generally speaking, Orff Shurwak's teaching strategy is to carry out classroom teaching in a group mode, and complete the effective learning process by singing, speaking, exercising, hitting the body and playing musical instruments. The elements in Orff Shulwalker's creation are not only “sound” or “sound”, but also dance and musical instruments. They combine the positive innate performance of children at different stages of development. This primary school curriculum enhances children's imagination and brings conditions for children's emotional extension.


Orff schulwerk, Singing, Orff instruments, Movement