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Research on the Influence and Demand of PPP Mode on Project Cost Management

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.015


Tian Gao, Yinyi Lin, Xiang Wang

Corresponding Author

Tian Gao


Since 2013, when China's economic growth has entered a shift, the risk of debt exposure has emerged, and the PPP has become the main way of infrastructure construction. With the promotion of China's PPP project, the investment of PPP projects is out of control, which leads to the increase of government expenditure responsibility. Through summarizing the background of PPP and the current situation of China's PPP project cost management construction, this paper constructs the project cost management system for China PPP project based on the experience of foreign PPP project management. Research indicate that the current engineering cost valuation basis, the quota system on PPP project is still applicable, but from the system supply and supply of method, the supply of the PPP project cost management system shall be adjusted and perfected.


PPP, Project Cost Management, PPP Project Supervision.