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On the Relationship between Financial Accounting and Tax Accounting Based on Working Process

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.024



Corresponding Author



With the wide application of Internet technology and the continuous innovation of information technology, we have been in the era of big data. In today's era, enterprises are facing a more complex economic and social environment. The status of knowledge and technology in the economic market is rising rapidly. The development of enterprises will not only rely on capital, but also pay more attention to the role and creativity of people. With the change of business conditions and accounting information requirements, enterprises have to change their original financial and tax working methods and optimize the working process of financial accounting and tax accounting. Tax accounting is a new subject evolved from financial accounting. Therefore, there are some similarities between tax accounting and financial accounting, and at the same time, it has its own characteristics, which is obviously different from financial accounting. Our country is still in the primary development stage of tax accounting, and the working mechanism of tax accounting needs to be improved, which requires timely summary and improvement in the development process.


Work process, Financial accounting, Tax accounting