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Life Oriented Mindfulness Education: Mindfulness Education under the Guidance of Life Education Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.021


Zaiping Guo, Dongcheng Wang

Corresponding Author

Zaiping Guo


Mindfulness is used in the field of Education, but in many Chinese works of literature, Mindfulness Education is regarded as a way of Mental Health Education. To have a correct understanding of Mindfulness Education and to build a Mindfulness-Based Education Model, this paper studies Mindfulness Education in combination with Tao Xingzhi's Life Education Theory. Firstly, it combs the relationship between Education, Mindfulness, and Life. Secondly, it demonstrates that Mindfulness Education is a form of Life Education. Thirdly, it discusses Mindfulness Education under the guidance of Life Education Theory. And finally, in the conclusion, it puts forward the education mode of Life oriented Mindfulness Education.


Life Education Theory, Mindfulness Education, Life oriented Mindfulness Education