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Investigation and Research on User Demand for Electric Vehicles Used in Takeout Food Delivery in China

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.014


Yi Feng

Corresponding Author

Yi Feng


The methods of shadow study, observation and in-depth interviews are used in this research to understand users' demands on electric vehicles in Chinese market through analyzing the behaviors of takeout food deliverymen. With the continuous development of science, technology and the Internet industry, applications have become an integral part of our life. A number of new industries, such as the takeout delivery industry, has come into being. Electric vehicles used today cannot meet the requirements of takeout food delivery. Through survey and interviews with food deliverymen, as well as the collection of literature and comparison of similar products, this article concludes that, Chinese market requires special electric vehicles used in takeout food delivery; suggestions on the improvement of electric vehicles are provided accordingly.


Vehicles used in takeout food delivery, market survey, user demand.