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Selection of Music for the Opening Ceremony of Sporting Events

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.019


Xu Cheng

Corresponding Author

Xu Cheng


The body- building for the whole people has become a bellwether, aimed at the men and women, old and young, universal improve physical quality. Through different forms and kinds of sports, we can lead people to strengthen their body and strengthen their will. Promote the coordination of the body, and build a healthy, sunny, upward, energetic body function and state, to create an effective physical foundation for people to better engage in study, work and life. In view of this background, a wide range of forms of physical activity has become the most common and popular choice. As is known to all, the content and forms of sports activities are varied, ranging from small community activities to large international events. Different groups, ideas and scales of sports activities all affect the participation forms of the whole people to a certain extent. No matter how big or small a sporting event is, the host will carefully prepare an opening ceremony tailored to the event as a boost, the purpose is to welcome all participants, responsible leaders and spectators. In the opening ceremony, besides the program arrangement, the choice of music is also particularly important. This paper will discuss the types of sports activities, the types of music selection of the opening ceremony and the music selection of different types of activities.


Sporting events, Sports, Music, Opening ceremony, Sports activities