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Application of Multidisciplinary Approach Based on Innovative Thinking Training in Design Education—— Taking Environmental Design as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.017


Linmeng Shan

Corresponding Author

Linmeng Shan


In recent years, the design discipline has gradually developed into an interdisciplinary discipline. Under the social background of the parallel development of contemporary art and science and technology, the discussion of design methodology has gradually turned into a multidisciplinary direction, thus reflecting the scientific and practical nature of the design discipline. Starting from the logical composition of axiomatic design, design affairology and service design, this paper discusses its application in this discipline through related cases, studies the use of the above-mentioned design methods in related fields, and expounds their methods and promoting effects on the cultivation of innovative thinking. Finally, combined with the classroom teaching of environmental design, the above design method is applied to teaching practice, and its influence on students' innovative thinking training is analyzed. Moreover the logic and feasibility of students' innovative thinking is improved by using multidisciplinary approach.


Innovative thinking, Axiomatic design, Service design, Design education