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Reform of Examination Mode of Economics and Management Specialty Curriculum in “Three in one”

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.015


Jingyuan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jingyuan Zhang


The traditional course assessment mode has various drawbacks, which does not meet the goal of the applied talents training mode of economic and management majors in colleges and universities, and is not conducive to the improvement of students' innovation ability and comprehensive quality. The "three in one", "written examination, business operation, plan planning" multiple assessment mode, is a new assessment mode, which aims to stimulate students' independent learning ability and improve their comprehensive quality by creating an intense teaching atmosphere throughout the course. Based on the analysis of the current situation of the examination of economics and management professional courses, this paper puts forward the innovative course examination method, and analyses the "three in one" course examination method. In addition, the paper expounds the construction of the "three in one" course assessment mode.


Economics and management majors, Curriculum assessment mode, “Three in one” course assessment method