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Research on the Role of Science and Technology Innovation Competitions in Enhancing the Comprehensive Ability of Liberal Arts Undergraduates

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.011


Jin He, Yulu Bi, Xi He

Corresponding Author

Jin He


In-depth scientific and technological innovation achievements are an important reference for considering the comprehensive literacy of graduates. Science and technology innovation competition can effectively promote learning, teaching and innovation with competitions. It is an important starting point for improving the comprehensive ability of liberal arts university students. However, the lack of high-quality competitions for liberal arts majors, the limited knowledge of liberal arts students themselves about science and technology innovation competitions, and the lack of professional teacher guidance for liberal arts participating projects hinder the enthusiasm and scope of liberal arts undergraduates to participate in the competition. It is necessary to enrich the discipline competition system, build a team of professional tutors and construct a competition service platform to truly realize the "three-wide education".


Competition, Undergraduate, Innovation, Comprehensive ability