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The Politics Infiltrated with Arts: The Chinese Communist Party's Early Recognition and Emphasis on Revolutionary Ballads

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.013


Jie Chen

Corresponding Author

Jie Chen


The Chinese Communist Party paid great attention to propaganda work at the beginning of its establishment. In face of the low culture level of the broad masses of workers and peasants, how to transfer revolutionary ideas to ordinary people through effective means was the key to solve this propaganda dilemma. Under the influence of revolutionary songs of the Soviet Union, the early revolutionary intellectuals of Chinese Communist Party were keenly aware of the general public's preference to traditional ballads in the process of mobilizing the masses. By revolutionizing traditional songs, they derived revolutionary ballads, which were new forms of propaganda that conformed to the psychological cognition of ordinary people. Gradually, revolutionary ballads had been highly valued by the central committee of Chinese Communist Party. The central government issued documents to guide and promote this propaganda method to the party organizations all over the country, forming a nationwide organized and planned revolutionary ballads campaign.


The Chinese Communist Party, propaganda, revolutionary ballads.