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Research on Consumers' Buying Behavior in The Brand Crisis of "Samsung Mobile Phone"

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.009


Lin Song, Jinhong Huang, Boyu Lu, Qiang He

Corresponding Author

Qiang He


With the advent of the Internet era, information dissemination has become more convenient and faster, and more and more corporate crises and negative news have appeared in front of the public. In addition, the development of information technology has gradually changed the way consumers communicate and consumer behavior. The spontaneous combustion event of Samsung mobile phones has greatly affected its sales. Therefore, to study the spontaneous combustion event of Samsung mobile phones, sales fell and the market share fell to 2%. The corporate crisis and negative news affected consumers' purchase behavior of "Samsung mobile phones". Therefore, starting from the consumer group, this article uses consumer behavior to study the purchasing power of consumer groups for Samsung mobile phones after the Samsung spontaneous combustion incident, and collects relevant data from different age groups in Tianjin through questionnaires through the survey and statistics method, and analyzes the consumers after the Note7 incident. Changes in purchasing behavior, 61.24% of consumers are very concerned about the crisis, 56.47% of consumers believe that the crisis is relatively large, affecting their purchasing intentions. The research conclusions provide theoretical guidance for the domestic mobile phone industry to respond to crisis events and provide theoretical and practical enlightenment for domestic mobile phones to go abroad.


Brand crisis, buying behavior, consumer