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Research on Level-based Homework of College Physics

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.006


Lulu Zhao, Huanlin Lv, Xiuguo Bi, Xiuli Ge

Corresponding Author

Lulu Zhao


As one essential part of College Physics teaching and learning, homework plays a key role in knowledge consolidation and ability cultivation. Students can further understand the knowledge through doing their homework. Teachers can make corresponding changes to teaching based on the students’ learning situation. However, the wide range of College Physics and the different levels of students’ academic performance, homework of College Physics has drawbacks in many aspects. Teachers can’t assign the same homework and use uniform standards to evaluate the students’ performance. Therefore, it is very necessary to have level-based homework of College Physics. Based on the research on homework of College Physics and level-based homework, this article focuses on the current status of homework of College Physics and acceptance of level-based homework by teachers and students. It is hoped that this research can provide guidance for College Physics teachers, and help them integrate level-based homework with College Physics teaching and achieve better teaching results.


College Physics, level-based homework, individual difference