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Mechanism and System of Joint Postgraduate Training Based on Process Control Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2021.005


Yuting Li, Xianbing Zhu

Corresponding Author

Xianbing Zhu


In this paper, with the process control theory as theoretical support, based on comprehensive discussions on the setting of postgraduate training objectives, the construction of curriculum system, the implementation of postgraduate joint program, the system construction of postgraduate training mechanism and the specific implementation of the whole process control on postgraduate training, the practical cases are explored and studied to show how to guide the management system and guarantee system of joint training for postgraduates in art design major by building a postgraduate demonstration base based on process control, so as to provide new enlightenment and reference value for realizing the monitoring and optimization of postgraduate training process and the comprehensive improvement of postgraduate training quality.


Process control theory, Art design major, Joint postgraduate training, Demonstration base, Management system