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Crowdfunding and New Possibilities of Startup Business in Palestine

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.011


Mohammad TM Qasrawi

Corresponding Author

Mohammad TM Qasrawi


This paper attempts to shed light on the concept of crowdfunding and to determine its chances of success in supporting startup projects in the Palestinian economy. Crowdfunding, a relatively new idea, is an online initiative to collect donations or funds for specific projects through designated websites or specific platforms. Crowdfunding involves collection, distribution, and management of such funds. This article attempts to make an in-depth study of this concept by analyzing the types and characteristics of crowdfunding and the economic implications of using such funds to finance projects. It tries to articulate the incentives and disincentives that crowdfunding faces in the Palestinian market and the risks inherent in the practice. The study concludes that despite the caveats about using this method of financing small projects, it is considered a mechanism that can drive the Palestinian economy into a new era; a fully organized crowdfunding process may help the Palestinian economy to discover new opportunities.


Palestine, startup, crowdfunding.