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Correlation Analysis of Clinical Pathological Characteristics of Circulating Tumor Cells and Lung Cancer

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2021.016


Xu Chuanbin, Bai Ling, Huang Zedi, Hu Anmei, Qiu Jinhuang, Zeng Jun, Lai Rensheng

Corresponding Author

Xu Chuanbin


Objective To investigate the correlation of circulating tumor cells and clinical pathological pathology of lung cancer. Methods The institutes were selected from March 2019 (CTC actual test), and 26 patients with suspected malignant signs were selected. 5 mL of venous blood was taken, and the chip was slit with a CTC biopsy-A10 cycle tumor cell (CTC). After some slices, the filter was stained with Sumu-Ird (HE). Psychologists observe CTC and cytology (CTM) under mirror and issued a double blind cytology. Results 1, a 42-year-old male, the right lung outer substrate segment (SE4, IM125-131) showed about 6 mm size grinding glass nodule ?? 6 mm, no evilness, and the size of the left base before the left lung The border of 3mm ?? 2 mm is clear. Abnormal CTC cells were visible under the light microscope, but did not see CTM. Three cases of malignant CTC cells report. The results of immunohistochemistry show CK7 (++), TTF1 (++), NAPSIN A (++). Case 2,61 years old women repeated cough more than 3 months ?? 22 mm, malignant is not excluded. CT value 25 Hu, CT enhancement 80 Hu. He dyeing on the peripheral blood CTC separator filter. Eroscope was found to be abnormal in 17 cases of CTC cells and did not see CTM. Celloscopic diagnosis under mirror is consistent with squamous carcinoma. Pathological diagnosis is squamous cell carcinoma. The results of immunohistochemistry showed P63 (+), CK5 / 6 (+), P40 (+). Conclusion CT imaging examination is combined with LCHC. It is the focus on changing Fish staining for He dyeing, light microscopic patient diagnosis, and a key discipline of


Tuberculosis, Low dose ct, Circulating tumor cells, Microporous filtration membrane, He staining, Pathological cytology diagnosis