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The Brewing Process of the Schisandra Sour Beer

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2021.012


Zhaoshun Tan, Chengyue Hou, Xin Jiang, Yan Li, Yang Song, Xiaolei Dong

Corresponding Author

Xiaolei Dong


Using Australian barley malt, SafAle S04 yeast, Tsingdao hops, and lactic acid bacteria as raw materials, a schisandra sour beer is brewed using a fermentation process. The effects of the addition type, amount and time of Schisandra on the flavor of sour beer were studied. The results show that the beer brewed by adding 2% schisandra enzymatic hydrolysate before sealing has a more balanced sourness, a strong overall beer taste, a clear and transparent body, a white and delicate foam, long-lasting, and contains the unique medicinal value of schisandra.


Schisandra, Sour beer, Fermentation process, Safale s04 yeast, Lactic acid bacteria