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Family Care of the Elderly: Challenges and Solutions

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2021.007


Wang Xu

Corresponding Author

Wang Xu


Population aging will be the main feature of human development in the 21st century, so the 21st century is also called the century of population aging. It is predicted that the elderly population in China will exceed that of children and teenagers in 2030, and the total dependency ratio will rise due to it, so the pressure of caring for the elderly has become a prominent social problem. The caring for the elderly mainly involves three aspects: economic support, life care and spiritual comfort. Therefore, owing to the unique cultural value and function of the three aspects, family support might be weakened as time going, but it will not die out. Family support will remain the main support model for the elderly in a considerable period of time.


Family care, Population, Pension function, The elderly