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Research on Application and Effect of Nursing Risk Management in Improving Patient Safety Goals

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2021.006


Yanyan Wu, Guoying Wu, Haiyan Jiang

Corresponding Author

Yanyan Wu


The safety goal of patients is the main goal of daily nursing and the foothold of work. However, due to many factors, nursing risk problems appear in the specific work. In view of this, this paper expounds the risk factors, practical application effect of nursing risk management in the work and the specific application measures of nursing risk management under the patient safety goals, obtains the conclusion that nursing risk management needs to build a risk management system centered on patient safety and does a good job in risk assessment, hoping to construct a scientific nursing risk management system to reduce the safety problems of patients and provide guarantee and support.


Nursing risk management, Improve Patient safety goals, Application and effect