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Application of Bedside Emergency Ultrasound in Neonatal Craniocerebral Diseases

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2021.005


Chaobo Wu, Dingquan Xie, Haiqing Su

Corresponding Author

Haiqing Su


Bedside emergency ultrasound examination is a common method in neonatal examination, and with the increasing resolution of ultrasound diagnostic instruments, ultrasound diagnosis also began to appear in the emergency. It has been widely used in craniocerebral diseases, achieving good results. From the perspective of emergency, bedside emergency ultrasound examination of craniocerebral diseases can be repeated because of its simple operation, and it is a non-invasive bedside examination, so it becomes the first choice for newborns. Especially for the detection and follow-up of high-risk neonatal brain injury in ICU ward, it is of great significance.


Bedside emergency ultrasound examination, Newborn, Craniocerebral diseases