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Applied Anatomy of Varicocele Treated by Ligation of Spermatic Vein under Microscope

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DOI: 10.25236/wccbm.2021.003


Yueyue Yang, Xu CAO, Jianzhong Yao

Corresponding Author

Jianzhong Yao


Under microscope, varicocele ligation is a good treatment for the common and frequently occurring diseases of young adults. From the perspective of application, the incidence rate of adult patients is 15%. The incidence of male infertility is 40%, and the incidence rate of pain and discomfort is 20%, which is one of the important factors of male infertility. From the medical point of view, normal fertility of varicocele does not need treatment. Treatment is needed only if it leads to varicocele complications and infertility. This paper discusses the applied anatomy of varicocele ligation under microscope.


Under microscope, Ligation of spermatic vein, Varicocele