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The Design and Implementation on Distributed System

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.082


Xin Sui, Zetian Zhang, Yan Zeng, Dan Liu, Li Li, Liu Liu

Corresponding Author

Li Li


The paper achieves the traveling balance control in exploratory behavior by fuzzy logic method, uses the least squares fitting to realize the corner detection and realizes the roadblock detection by designing the Barrier Predictive Function Model. The paper designs a distributed system based on block storage and electoral computing model which provides high reliability storage and computing services. This paper proposes the BUS communication model, achieves the storage and computing node’s selection by LSM merging tree and Bully algorithm. The real-time ultrasonic roadblock detection information data obtained by Arduino detector is analyzed based on the distributed system and finally, the detection of environmental map is realized.


Distributed system, LSM merging tree, Election algorithm, roadblock detection, Arduino.