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Analysis and Application of Hyperspectral Image Data of Raw Egg Yolk

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.078


Shiqi Huang, Wensheng Wu, Yuting Zhang, Xiangyang Duan

Corresponding Author

Shiqi Huang


Using new technical means to effectively identify the quality of eggs is a common concern of people and the supervision and management department. This paper uses the advanced hyperspectral remote sensing imaging technology to study the spectral characteristics of egg yolk. The hyperspectral image data of egg yolk is obtained, spectral characteristic data is extracted from hyperspectral image data, spectral characteristics of different types eggs is analyzed, and finally, the quality of eggs is identified and analyzed. A lot of experiments have been done, and good results have been obtained. This shows that the new method of egg quality identification based on hyperspectral remote sensing image is feasible.


Raw yolk, Hyperspectral image, Egg quality, Spectral characteristics.