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Research on the Bottleneck of Supply-chain Management in Construction Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.068


Yifeng Xu

Corresponding Author

Yifeng Xu


The construction industry as a pillar industry and the construction industry, occupies an important position in the national economic structure of China, accounting for about 7% of GDP. The materials cost of the average expenditure of reaches 60%, which has a great impact on the construction material management of construction enterprises. The profits of the supply chain management theory have been widely used in many fields. Especially in the field of manufacturing industry, to achieve the overall value maximization effect is very obvious. But from the project construction enterprise daily practice, few enterprises adopt supply chain management mode for construction materials management. Therefore, this paper studies the supply chain management application in the construction enterprise.


Supply-chain, Construction enterprise, Application, Bottleneck.