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Research on the Optimization of C Company’s After-sale Service Quality Based on Six Sigma

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.065


Xiaozhe Li, Qingqing Lu, Yijun Li

Corresponding Author

Xiaozhe Li


In order to improve after-sales service quality better, this paper takes C company as an example, using the DMAIC process of Six Sigma to analyze the related factors to after-sales service quality. Through the use of fishbone diagram, arrangement chart, quality function deployment, FEMA analysis and other methods, the paper confirms the influencing factors of service quality and the direction to be improved. According to the result of the analysis, it is determined to improve the after-sales service management system and after-sales service flow used in the enterprise, and the improved validity is verified through the analysis of the improved after-sales processing time.


After-sales service quality, Six Sigma, DMAIC process.