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The Impacts of Business Agility on the Context of Cloud Computing

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.060


Yanliang Zhang, Rongyuan Ma, Xiyu Huang

Corresponding Author

Yanliang Zhang


The current state of the market demand is changing all the time, the company's external environment has become difficult to predict the market, so it is particularly important to study what companies will do to respond quickly to these changes in this case. Real-time IT infrastructure support is a commercially successful magic weapon, when the tasks are dealt with, such as high-performance computing, high fluctuations in demand and large-scale data processing, cloud computing services have won the favor of the demanders and heated debate in the industry by its low cost storage, distributed computing power and fast on-demand supply of software and services. Therefore, this paper presents the author's point of view: the core value of the enterprise form the cloud computing is its support on business agility, and then makes further analysis and evaluation on business agility based on the COP model.


Cloud Computing, Cloud Cervices, Business Agility, Business Models.