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Analysis on the Present Situation and Problems of Zhengzhou Airport Zone under the Background of "the Belt and Road" Initiative

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.059


Xu Wenjun

Corresponding Author

Xu Wenjun


"B&R" (the Belt and Road) initiative make China's economic development reach a new high, however, there is a matter about how to seize the new opportunities in this trend to achieve rapid development of the provinces. It is worth studying how Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone, one of national key projects of the "B&R" initiative, to seize the opportunity to make use of regional advantages to achieve take-off of economic. This paper mainly analyzes the current situation, opportunities and problems faced by Zhengzhou Airport Zone in the "B&R" initiative construction, and puts forward suggestions for how to deal with the opportunities and challenges faced by Zhengzhou.


"Belt and Road" initiative, Zhengzhou Airport Zone, Opportunities and problems.