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Practices and Effectiveness on Payment System Reform for Rural Medical Inpatient Services in Henan Province

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.056


Jian Wu, Xiaoli Fu , Yizhen Zhao, Yan Xie, Weicun Ren, Yao Song

Corresponding Author

Yao Song


The purpose of this study is to evaluate practices and effects of provider payment system reform of Henan province, China, which is composed of case-based payment for inpatients. Data for the study were obtained from the initial pilot hospital, the People's Hospital of Yiyang County, from 2010 to 2013. Compared with the previous payment intervention in 2011, the hospital built a new case-based payment system for inpatients progressively, which replaced the original fee for service payment. As of 2013, the new payment included 188 diseases, and covered more than 72% inpatients and hospitalization expenditure. The proportion of drug use and antibiotic usage continue to decrease, and the singular disease prices decided by negotiate would affect average hospitalization expenditure and so on. These findings demonstrated both significant achievements and further efforts to be made to strengthen China’s rural medical service payment reform and enhance their effect.


Payment Reform, Case-based Payment, Rural Medical Service, Hospitalization.