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Research on Integration of Warehouse Allocation in E-Commerce Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.053


Hua Xuan, Lu Wang, Liuyu Wen

Corresponding Author

Lu Wang


With the development of information technology and the Internet, e-commerce has become a fast developing emerging industry; especially the online shopping has become a household name. Logistics and electronic commerce are closely related to the two industries, the logistics service quality and efficiency of the development have a significant impact on the development of e-commerce. Distribution is the key to reflecting the level of logistics services. Firstly, the paper uses the center of gravity method to determine the location of the warehouse distribution center, and then through the mathematical calculation, compares the enterprise logistics cost and delivery time, making use of equilibrium analysis to discuss the business enterprise choose distribution model of influencing factors. Finally, through comparative analysis, it determines the impact of different distribution modes on the electricity supplier enterprises. After the analysis of different distribution modes of enterprise logistics, it has found out the optimum distribution model, which leads to the reduction of the cost of enterprise, and the rise of logistics service level. And it can be found that the warehouse distribution is the optimum choice. Through the study of warehouse distribution integration to achieve the mode of promotion and application, the paper wants to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and social economic benefits and social development level.


E-commerce, Logistics, Warehouse Distribution Integration, Cost, Delivery Mode.