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Optimal Strategy of Community O2O Terminal Distribution Modes Considering Order Fluctuation

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.052


Lu Qin, Zhibin Li , Zhiyuan Sun

Corresponding Author

Lu Qin


With the rapid expansion of community O2O, the terminal distribution benefits are increasingly critical. Targeted at high costs and poor delivery benefits, this paper studies the optimal strategy of community O2O terminal distribution modes based on periodicity and order fluctuation. The multi-objective model of the optimal decision-making of O2O terminal distribution modes is constructed given the goal of the lowest distribution cost, the highest time accuracy and the highest communication quality. Besides, the distribution strategy of ‘master-auxiliary distribution strategy’ is put forward to find the optimal benefit under the order fluctuation, and the genetic algorithm and fuzzy optimization method are adopted to solve the problem. Through the case study, the research model and methods are verified.


Community O2O, Terminal Distribution Mode, Order Fluctuation, Multi-objective Model.