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Identification on Critical to Quality of Online Shopping Services Based on QFD

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DOI: 10.25236/icidel.2017.051


Chao Zhang

Corresponding Author

Chao Zhang


In order to improve the level of service quality of online businesses and enhance the experience of online shopping, and obtain higher customer satisfaction, this paper introduced QFD into the online service feature recognition to realize the purpose of transforming the customer's demand into online service quality. Firstly, the online shopping service blueprint can effectively identify any key points in service system, thus identify the five dimensions that affect the quality of online shopping service: web design, customer service, shop reputation, logistics system, physical quality. Then the author developed questionnaires considering the service blueprint. According to the survey results and data, the customer demand and quality requirements of online shopping are extracted and analyzed. Thirdly, the importance of customer demand is determined by fuzzy comprehensive analysis. Finally, the relation matrix transformation method is used to determine the relationship matrix between customer demand and the online shopping service quality, and determine the importance degree of online service quality, thereby building the "customer demand - online shopping service quality" quality house. The service indicators, "improve product quality", "improve service efficiency", "improve the overall capacity of customer service", "optimize the logistics system" etc. have a high degree of importance, making businesses more targeted to improve their service system and get higher customer satisfaction, so as to enhance the quality of online shopping service. The empirical results show that the questionnaire designed is effective according to the service blueprint, and the method of using QFD to convert customer demand into service quality is feasible.


Online shopping service quality, service blueprint, QFD, customer demand.