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Research and Practice on the Training Mode of Applied Talents in Local Undergraduate Universities under the Background of Deep School-Enterprise Integration—Take the civil engineering major of our school as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/iemb.2021.059


Chengyuan Wang, Yunfang Cai

Corresponding Author

Chengyuan Wang


This paper analyzes the main problems existing in the cultivation of applied talents in local undergraduate colleges. These questions include Talent training positioning is not accurate、The practice teaching link is insufficient、The model of integration of industry and education is not perfect. This paper combining the actual situation of civil engineering majors in local undergraduate colleges, It is proposed to build an application-oriented talent training mode of deep integration between schools and enterprises at the level of government, local colleges and universities, industry associations and enterprises. In addition, it will build a production-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation practice education base for enterprises entering the school's production and development center, school-enterprise joint construction, shared laboratories, school-enterprise joint teaching, innovation and improvement of the evaluation system.


Application-oriented talents, Cultivation mode, Deep integration between schools and enterprises